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At Milestone Homes we specialize in helping your dreams come to life. We recognize that building a home is not a simple or easy experience. That is why we are here. We guide you through our home building experience that we have refined and used for over 36 years and with 1700 plus customers just like you.

Many people in the home building industry cringe at the word custom, but to us that is a word we thrive on. Custom for us means that every project is different and every detail matters. Custom to us means that we are going to deliver a home of excellence through a experience of excellence that is unique to you. We focus on what you want and how to make sure the process is simple and straightforward for you. 

Our experience is foucsed on delivering for you and your family. Home is a place where memories are made and experiences are shared. A place where people grow together and where community is built. While there is no better feeling for our clients than to take the keys and start to make new experiences and memories, at the end of the day our greatest joy is for our homeowners to love where they live. 

We would love to work with you. Whether you are looking for an existing available new construction home, one of our floorpans to build, or wanting to start from scratch, we believe we can help you. Just reach out to us in whatever way is most convenient for you and see how we can help you get closer to making your dreams a reality!


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